History of the Screaming Eagles M/C, Inc.



The Screaming Eagles Motorcycle Club actually started in 1958 by Mr. Joe Clyde Brown with a few local friends.     


Two years later Mr. Brown asked Mr. Travis Caudell to join the Screaming Eagles Motorcycle Club this was in 1960 when Mr. Caudell alone with Mr. Joe Clyde Brown started the Kentucky Charter of the Screaming Eagles Motorcycle Club, Inc.


They met at different club member's home for a period of two years. The membership rented a garage on 36th Street & Hale Street for about 2 years. Then, they purchased the Tigers Den for a club house at 29th and Kentucky Street until the present time. The membership grew to 35 members at that time.


The Screaming Eagles Motorcycle Club started having field meets in the Newburg area which was on a dirt track. It was trick bike riding, boot races, egg toss races, slow drag dirt races and other events. There was a large picnic with family and friends. This event was always held the weekend of the Kentucky Derby. Each year it has grown and includes a large number of out of town guest.


In 1980, the Screaming Eagles Motorcycle Club decided to leave the dirt field and held their first black top organized drag race at Ohio Valley Raceway which continues today. Mr. Travis Caudell became President of the Screaming Eagles Motorcycle Club in 2005. Mr. Caudell's son will continue the tradition of the Screaming Eagles Motorcycle Club. Jerome Hammon, who is the Vice President. This tradition of the Screaming Eagles Motorcycle Club will continue for all ages to come into the future.


Travis Caudell - President

Jerome Hammon -  VP

Alicia D. Hammon - Secretary

Thomas McGinnis - Sgt. Arms




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